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Fault-Finding and Vehicle Diagnostics

Resolve the issues in your vehicle’s electrical system by coming to our team of qualified technicians. Faults within your system can be notoriously difficult to identify. However, as we have the latest engine and vehicle diagnostics technology, from our Bosch and Snap-On partners, our on-site specialists are able to identify and repair any problems with the electrics in your vehicle.

Whatever the Issue

Problems with the vehicle engine management, fuel, and ignition systems can cause various difficulties with your vehicle, such as; loss of power, reduced fuel efficiency, troublesome starting, and misfiring. Once our team of technicians have identified the problem, they can either repair or replace the defective component to ensure that your vehicle returns to running smoothly.

Our Electrical Tests

We’re able to carry out electrical tests on the following areas: 

  • Engine Management Systems
  • All Types of Ignition Systems and Vehicle Electrics
  • ABS Systems
  • SRS Systems, including Integrating ECM Units, Fault Codes, Airbags, and Warning Light Checks
  • General Electrics
  • Central Locking Systems

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