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Extensive MOT Testing and Checks

Ensure your car is roadworthy by having our experts carry out an MOT check on your vehicle. As the UK law states, it is your responsibility to make sure that your vehicle is in a safe condition. MOT tests check that your vehicle meets the standards set in regards to road safety and the environment. Meet and surpass those standards by having our engineers take a look at your vehicle.

Authorised MOT Providers

We are licensed to carry out MOT tests on vehicles classed between 4 and 7 and details of these vehicles are able to be found below. Please note that fees shown are not subject to VAT.

Class 4

  • Cars (up to 8 Passenger Seats) and Motor Caravans £54.85
  • 3-Wheeled Vehicles (over 450kg Unladen Weight) £54.85
  • Quads (Max Unladen Weight 400kg – for Goods Vehicles 550kg and Max Net Power of 15kw) £54.85
  • Dual Purpose Vehicles £54.85
  • Private Hire Vehicles and PSVs (up to 8 Seats) £54.85
  • Goods Vehicles (up to 3,000kg DGW) £54.85
  • Ambulances and Taxis (Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles may be Subject to Additional Local Requirements) £54.85
  • Private Passenger Vehicles and Ambulances (9-12 Passenger Seats) £57.30

Class 5

  • Private Passengers with between 13-16 Passenger Seats £59.55
  • Vehicles and Ambulances with over 16 Passenger Seats £80.65
  • Playbuses £80.65

Class 7

  • Goods Vehicles (over 3,000kg up to 3500kg DGW) £58.60

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