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Regular car and vehicle services play a vital role in keeping the resale value of your vehicle high, as well as helping to identify any potential mechanical problems before they become a major issue. As part of our extensive servicing procedure, we’ll check absolutely everything to make sure that your vehicle doesn’t suddenly break down.

Our Process

During our servicing, we change engine oil and all necessary filters using the correct grain of oil for your vehicle, and we also strip, clean, and grease front and rear brakes. We’ll check all fluid levels, lights, tyres, pressures, and suspension. What’s more, we’ll only use parts equivalent in quality to original equipment unless otherwise agreed.

Engine Oils

There are currently 7 different 5W-30 engine oils, and choosing the right engine oil has become more complicated due to engines becoming more complicated, this is because of the increase in the demand of environmental legislation. To meet these requirements, as well as changes in design and materials, vehicle manufacturers have to resort to systems like EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), exhaust after-treatment systems (catalytic converters/diesel particulate filters) and turbochargers to meet these demanding emissions regulations. The result is a shift towards OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specific products. Therefore, modern engines do require manufacturers’ specific engine oils in regards to this.

For Your Information

Did you know that if your car is under warranty you are free to choose where you have the vehicle serviced without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty?

Air Conditioning

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